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Frequently asked Insurance Questions

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Have a question? Read our FAQs for answers to the most common questions we hear.

Common insurance questions, answered.

We’ve got the answers to some common questions we are asked, everyday. And to make navigating the answers easier, we’ve broken the frequently asked questions into several categories. Nice and simple.

General Questions

What happens if I Move to a new state?

When moving to a new state even for less than a year the first thing you should do is call your insurance agent to update your new address different states have different policy requirements and policy language the only way to make sure you are covered should something happen is to make sure your insurance company has the most up to date information.  The next thing you should do when moving to a new state is within 30 days of moving get your tags and registration switched over to the new state you live in to avoid any fines or fees with the dmv.

What Insurance policies do I need as a new business?

The most important thing to do when starting a new business is to make sure you have the proper insurance coverage and licenses.  One example of an insurance policy most new businesses need no matter the industry is General Liability coverage this allows the new business owner to operate their business knowing they have coverage for many potential liability exposures the other common insurance policy for a new business is Business Owners policy this can be a combination of general liability as well as coverage for the property that you are operating the business in.

When should I get renters insurance?

You should always get renters insurance when signing a lease for an apartment or single family home that will house your valuable belongings renters insurance Is not for your Landlord! Renters insurance covers your personal belongings while the belongings are inside of the home or apartment a valuable fact not a lot of people know is that most renters insurance policies  covers your personal laptop while in your automobile with the rise in thefts from vehicles this is valuable knowledge to have.

Does my car insurance cover me to do Uber or Doordash?

Most personal auto insurance policies will not cover you to drive for uber/lyft or to do door dash or any food delivery service these uses for your car constitutes business use and not personal unless your car insurance is endorsed with a policy change that allows for business use should your vehicle get into and accident or get damaged while engaged in any of these business activities you may not be covered by your insurance company.

Can I share an insurance policy with a friend or family member?

Generally Insurance policies are only shared by married people living in the same household or by immediate family members living in the same household.  If you do not fall into one of these categories there is a good change that you will not be able to share a policy.  Many potential insured run into trouble when they assume because they maybe listed on a parents or family members policy that the coverage will follow them after they move out of the household and sometimes to another state.

Why should I maintain homeowners insurance even after I’ve paid off my property?

Homeowners insurance is not just a good idea because the mortgage company requires it.  Homeowners insurance is very important because your home is generally your most valuable asset and most people do not have thousands of dollars to spend in one lump sum payment should something happen to their home

What does it mean to have full coverage?

While many people falsely believe full coverage includes rental car reimbursement and road side assistance these are optional coverages.  A full coverage policy only consists of comprehensive coverage also called (other than collusion) and collision coverage.  Comprehensive coverage will cover just as the name says most things other than collision in this category you have incidents such as vandalism, hitting an animal, glass claims, stolen vehicle, flood, fire and collision as the name suggest will cover your vehicle for collisions with other vehicles or objects.

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